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The OffenderWatch® Initiative is the only national organization whose mission is to increase public awareness of registered sex offenders through grass-roots efforts of education, community awareness, and increased government interaction. OWI supports legislation such as Megan’s Law, the Jessica Lunsford Act, the Adam Walsh Act, and other legislation to prevent future victimization.

In response to law enforcement agencies seeking a more expanded approach to meeting community notification inquiries, OWI provides a direct mail notification service to assist law enforcement, probation, and parole officers. OWI mails millions of  community notification postcards nationwide every year alerting citizens of sex offenders living in their neighborhoods. The postcards include sex offenders name, address, scars, tattoos, gender, race, hair, eyes, age, weight, and conviction code. This is the only service of this kind in the country.

Our Vision:
1. Ensure state sex offender registries increase accuracy of databases to 90%.
2. Improve time from registration to web and community notification to 24 hours or less.
3. Provide tools to registration points that meet minimal statutory requirements.

Our Objectives:
1. Educate and inform the public about sex offenders within geographic proximity.

2. Encourage the public to stay informed with email notifications in their community

3. Inform the public about the value of registries to their safety.


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